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Buying Process

Are you looking at homes for sale in Dartmouth, MA?  We have access to all real estate properties and homes for sale in the Dartmouth MA, Padanaram Village, Westport, Fairhaven, and SouthCoast Massachusetts communities.

When you choose the Bento Real Estate Group as your buyer’s agent, we understand that your past experience with a buyer’s broker may not have been the best.  As a buyer’s agent, we represent the buyer, not the seller.  We want you to enter a buyer agency agreement that you feel confident in.  We provide you tools on our website to help you better understand the financial and administrative details involved in acquiring and financing the home you want, whether it’s a waterfront real estate in Dartmouth, MA or a first time home buyer in looking at homes for sale in New Bedford.

We pride ourselves on being a real estate agency with substantial experience as a buyer’s agency and look to keep you informed of all your options in the market, what property and legal issues to be aware of, and how you can best proceed towards closing a deal that you will be happy with.

As your exclusive buyer’s agent, Bento Real Estate can safely navigate you through the entire buying process from initial search to closing.

7 Ways the Bento Real Estate Group will help you with the buying process

1.  We will listen to find out what you are looking for,  we will match available homes for sale to your criteria and desired location and we set up showings so you may see the homes that match you.  We will work to eliminate the homes you don’t want until you are confident you have found the right one.

2.   We negotiate the offer with the seller’s agent.  We know that seller’s agents these days will try to do everything in their power to make sure the deal closes in their favor.  As a buyer’s,  there is so much you need to know about the market and your finances that affect you and as your buyer’s realtor we want you to go through the process while knowing the facts.

3.  We’ ll assist you with the purchase and sales agreement.  Again, you need to know the facts concerning contract conditions.  We offer needed advice and will use our experience as a buyer agent to advise  you through all the details of the agreement. The buyer does not pay a real estate commission; therefore it’s our responsibility as your buyer  agency to handle all the details to make this process a worthwhile experience for you.

4.  We help you set up your home inspection and always attend all inspections.  You know that there’s not much that will tarnish your experience with a realty agency more than buying a property that isn’t suitable for living in.  As buyers agents we want to make sure that compliance with all inspection issues are expedited.

5.  We’ll assist with any closing details such as smoke  certificate, 6D, walk through, etc. You want property that is safe,  secure, and amenable for living.  As your buyer agency we’ll leave no stone unturned.

6.  We’ll coordinate and attend closing.  Again, seller agents want the deal to close in their favor, right down to the last minute.  We’re a buyer’s broker who wants you to be absolutely sure you still close the deal on your terms.

7.  After the Sale, we’ll stay in touch to make sure you’re satisfied.  You purchased property for the long run, therefore our experience as a buyer agency has shown that the deal is only a true success when you stay satisfied with your new property.   We’ll advise you on whatever issues you      may come across.

We want you to feel that your realty agency is working for you; when you choose Bento Real Estate Group as your buyer agency, we will make your buying experience simple by allowing us to help you buy real estate at the BEST price and terms, and ensure a smooth transaction.

We happily cover the south coast including real estate for sale Dartmouth MA, Padanaram Village, Westport, New Bedford and homes for sale in Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, Marion and Wareham communities. Please contact us and let us know how we can best assist you in your search for real estate for sale.